Monday, December 29, 2008


Earlier in the summer, a few of my comrades made a group on facebook requesting submissions on a topic--just for fun. I thought it was a marvelous idea however, I just couldn't get around to it. One time the theme was SUPERHEROS. I can't remember if he/she were to be rotund but I DO remember that I immediately thought about this guy and quickly made a thumbnail on the closest receipt I could find so I wouldn't forget.

Today, I decided it was time to further develop SUPER VALLENATO MAN and here he is in his sketch form:

Valllenato is one of the most popular music genres in Colombia. In fact, it was created there--thus the name: "born in the valley" specifically, Valledupar (Valley of Dupar). This is vallenato in its traditional and most pure form: and this is vallenato as it is heard today (you'll also see how big it is in Colombia): Vallenato is mostly played with an accordian, caja (kind of like a little bongo) and a guacharaca (which gives songs the raspy sound in the back). Stay tuned for more from the adventures of SUPER VALLENATO MAN!


Alex Ariza said...

hm i think super vallenato man is secretly carlo vives with his super short shorts and his pink tank top....

then again that could just be speculation.

you decide.

ur guy is like the naked cowboy from times square.

Christian Castro said...

And 6 months later we finally see Nathalie's superhero. Better late than never. But I must say i can tell its done by you but still looks different than anything you have done before. Good job. Maybe his sidekick can be the Cumbia Kid? : )

Nathalie Gonzalez said...

Christian I'm likin the idea! Super Vallenato Man and Cumbia Boy! I'll consider it... :)

Angel R. Gonzalez said...

please send me a copy of this. i want it....great work! Keep it coming.