Thursday, December 18, 2008


After watching the new CHE movie yesterday, I recommend it to anyone interested in the subject. It wasn't your typical "hollywood" movie where they add sex and naked women to maintain interest. So that's definitely a plus. The second half dragged on a little but I guess we naturally want things to run smoothly-- in this case, it was more of a reminder of how life, even as a movie, does not always end happily ever a sense. I'll spare you all of my cliche: "but his legacy will long live..!" I've never seen Benicio Del Toro in action but he was great in this one. Both Che and Fidel had their voices on point. Here is the link to the trailer for anyone who is interested:

Also, below the CHE movie poster, is another of my revolutionary portraits. Oscar Romero from El Salvador. He was shot and killed in the 80's while conducting a mass, he was a strong advocate for peace, equality and justice. There would be great tension if they were ever found in the same room together. They both want the same kind of results but the process of getting there is different in opinion. One is for violently gaining freedom and the other peacefully obtaining it. Ideally we all want to obtain freedom, or anything for that matter, peacefully...but sometimes people feel (and from experience they have reason) that we need to fight violently to gain freedom. I think today we are passed the "violent age" and CAN bring about change peacefully.


Otto Chin said...

I didn't know the movie was 4 hours long. That's like..2 movies in one!

Mr. Obvious

Charles George Esperanza said...

I'm deff gonna check the movie seems we always have the pacifist leader and the more aggressive Malcom and King. the Illustration is awesome and I can deff see it in an article about him.

Nathalie Gonzalez said...

Thanks Charlitos! And Chinny, it seems that way because it IS 2 movies in 1 session. Just for this special viewing do they show both back to back-- but next year, when it comes out in theatres, they show them separately.