Sunday, December 28, 2008


Finally, just recently, I have been making additions to my sketchbook. I have trouble making stuff up and drawing exactly what I envision on paper-- most of my sketches are directly from life. Don't think I haven't drawn things without reference and from my imagination...I have-- just nothing that I would label "decent." Point is, I have been trying to figure out ways I could make my reference and imagination worlds meet and be satisfied with it and -- eventually-- use less reference and more imagination. Kind of like what Nicorette does for smoking addicts...

Here are some of my recent attempts with Quimbaya-inspired masks (P.S. my scanner is lousy):

More to come!


Otto Chin said...

I like these! If I had to guess, you already knew how Quimbaya masks looked like and you played around with the basic structures and designs in your head to create different variations.

Yay for run on sentences!

Like I told you, I would gladly help you with the imagining thing, if you would just let me!

Alex Ariza said...

Aw you like masks too!?

Hey are you still gonna do that APW Gallery business?

I think we should!!!!

Gotta get those 12x12 canvases.