Monday, December 28, 2009


And you're gonna get in trouble-- HEY-YA HEY-YAAA QUIMBAYA'S-BACK! ...

As promised, Quimbaya man is back!  Once a drawing of an Indigenous character, it is my latest linoleum print avec Chine- Collé method applied.  It's the colored pieces of japanese paper glued to it.  There are different ways of doing this but I just glued one side of the colored paper and placed glue-side up on my already inked block...put it through the press and VOILA! 

I've been into traditional media...stuff that was basically technology back in the day.  Don't get me wrong, I love digital art and what it can do, I use it myself.  But it's nice to understand the past and try to incorporate it into today's technology.  It's my philosophy for everything, really-- and it applies to my view on art as well.  It's nice to know that I could've taken this print and make a green and orange shape and fill it in on photoshop...but it was 10 times more fun to get my hands dirty and get something more "handmade."

Anyway, this is a oil-based ink linoleum print, using Chine-Collé on Colombian Bark paper.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


 Grand Central Terminal

I enjoy drawing from life.  Not really the whole art school thing where you have a nude trying to mimic roman sculptures or the Art Renaissance... Honestly, I'm quite sick of it.  I like going out there and drawing regular everyday people, with clothes know, because that's what people do.  They wear clothes and walk around...they eat, drink, sneeze, laugh.  They move!  The hard part is trying to capture a moment as quickly as you can-- because we're not machines--we see, process, choose a color and then, while still trying to remember what you just saw, draw it.  It sounds like a lot to do within less than a couple of seconds and's because it is.  It's a challenge but it keeps you on your toes and things like "mistakes" don't matter.  It's a pure art form, I think.

Chelsea Market

Astor Place/ St. Mark's