Tuesday, March 3, 2009

AZZZUUUUUUUCARRRRRR! (SUGAR, for those who want the dull English translation)

Ironically enough, after the APW piece I've been feeling...inspired-- to make art fun again. All these classes, especially the ones that are required to graduate by the New York State's standards (AHEM, AHEM, science), have been sucking the life out of me! Not good. I wonder sometimes if I'll make it alive after this semester. Enough of my whining. New project, celebrity portraits. I'm trying to think back....nope, I haven't done this kind of stuff since I started art school. But it IS something I'm excited about and it's making me enjoy the process of making art.

I kind of don't want to say who it is but I know some just really have no clue even if it hit them in the face. Celia Cruz. As far as Salsa goes, she's Queen. Interestingly enough, I have another queen in the making so stay tuned. I wanted to draw her because she is such an extraordinary life force, even if she is physically no longer with us. I had her greatest hits on loop in my playlist and there was never a dull moment throughout this process. Annd...I've probably watched her performance of "'Quimbara' live in Africa" on youtube about 50 times within the last 2 days...
Anyway, here are studies, thumbnails, sketches and finally a color sketch. I'll update soon with the finish.

EDIT: At first I thought of this as a digital piece but after working on it I thought the old fashioned way worked best.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


My idea was to make an image portraying the Zapatistas in a less militaristic way, as their general message is just that. They're just people who want peace and equality. Enough with my soon-to-be- ranting... So for the APW gallery I am entering in I decided to make a short series of Zapatista images in this peacful setting. All work was to be on a scale of 12x12. APW WEBSITE I went with a Zapatista woman extending her hand out to "the viewer" to help them up. I think I was so concerned with people getting the literal point of view that I forced my colors. Went with the blue with clouds, that way people know its the sky and I the dress was orange because it went well with the blue. But honestly, I wasn't feeling it. This is my rough color sketch, right on top of my first sketch.
I did another sketch, the show of the palm made it look more peaceful and more of the feeling of entering the viewer's space, I thought. The body was looking a little too manly so changed that as well, but I liked the idea of the hands looking strong and not delicate.
Once I started painting on my panel, I really wasn't into the colors and thought purple was the route to go.
That didn't work out so I thought maybe if I added some detail to the dress that it would make it look better. It didn't.
I went back to orange thinking it didnt look that bad. I liked the idea of the sun's rays touching the palm but it all wasnt going in the direction I wanted it to. I really wanted to simplify it--and it wasn't easy.

It then hit me that maybe it didn't matter if people couldn't get it right away or maybe I was being too hard on myself. So I went with my gut and used the colors I really wanted to use and ironically enough, the former background actually helped with the new background. I wanted to play around with the sun lines but I had a deadline. As for the other pieces, once classes started, my inspiration was long gone working on other projects. That's not to say that once I get a break from school projects that I won't be working on more pieces like these. :)