Tuesday, December 30, 2008


As promised, the Quimbaya masks are back! Don't they clean-up well?! :P I've been playing around with color here and there but there haven't been any breakthroughs...yet. I'm thinking about making these into little promos for my blog and contact info...and in the near future hopefully, a website! Perhaps...stickers? What do you guys think?


Christian Castro said...

These look pretty nice. I can imagine so many uses for them. Stickers would be cool (maybe an N-Go logo?) Maybe even tattoo designs. The possibilities are endless. Keep up the drawing. It motivates me to try and keep up.

Alex Ariza said...

whats with kids these days and their crisp clean unemotional, dead line digital direction?

nat, do yourself a favor and use the magic of your hands with a brush and a bottle of ink.

fuck cleanliness, get dirty kiddo. show me the humanity and indigenous side of this culture, and you.

I LIKE YOU, and what your hands produce, not what a computer puts out.

Otto Chin said...

You sure are updating very often now. I like it.

Angel R. Gonzalez said...
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