Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Summer Camp. Well--not for me, for the kids. It's what's been up with me the last 3 weeks. I'm one of the counselors for the 17 kids ages 3-4 in my classroom. It has its ups and downs but most of the time it's pretty comical. I bring my sketchbook with me wherever I go, but I normally wouldn't take it out while I work until one day, the kids were given blank white canvas sketchbooks---yes! Sketchbooks at the age of 4! Sure, they were a lot smaller than the ones we usually carry around but they got to decorate the front and work in it everyday.

Every morning I'm in charge of the "writing center"--really art center because 4 year olds can't write more than their first names. Anyway, I was sitting there one morning watching them draw and color pretty amazing stuff in their little books (I can already see the future artists stick out). So I thought it was the perfect time to take my sketchbook out and draw these kids that NEVER sit still unless they're drawing or being read to. I used whatever was handy that day: one day crayons, another washable markers, and today, cray pas. The kids enjoyed getting drawn (contrary to people on the train). I even had one girl ask me to draw her again: "But this time, don't draw me so serious..." Another kid drew me--I felt so special! :) Although sometimes they can be a pain in the behind, I do enjoy the happiness they find in simple things. I especially love their art-- it amazes me everyday.

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Otto said...

You are so lucky to have this resposibility and get to experience their art! Should have called me up to help you out. You should post some artwork from the children too.