Sunday, June 28, 2009


Low on budget, for my brother's birthday I decided to make him a birthday card. I've been wanting to work with linocut this summer and took the opportunity to make a portrait of my brother. So I drew the portrait in my sketchbook, traced it and transferred it onto my linocut and carved away. The size is 3 by 5, I think.

After my first print, I decided to carve in some lines into the black shadow for the finish. I used the back of a spoon as a press--I realized I didn't have an extra roller aside from the one with ink. Gotta do some more supply shopping. Anyway, I'm looking forward to working in this medium some more. I have a thinner surface coming up next, slightly bigger, as well as some different colored inks. Maybe eventually I'll be working on wood--ooo la la.


Alex Ariza said...

the lines in the shadow didnt come out.

Nathalie Gonzalez said...

Thanks for the careful observation, Alex. Always have the perfect thing to say. As I said in my post, I added the lines in after my initial print. Maybe I'll post up the final print some other time but for now you have the lovely hard original for your viewable pleasure.

Christian Castro said...

Looks just like him... in a flat lino-cut sorta way. I need to do some lino-cut stuff soon.