Tuesday, March 3, 2009

AZZZUUUUUUUCARRRRRR! (SUGAR, for those who want the dull English translation)

Ironically enough, after the APW piece I've been feeling...inspired-- to make art fun again. All these classes, especially the ones that are required to graduate by the New York State's standards (AHEM, AHEM, science), have been sucking the life out of me! Not good. I wonder sometimes if I'll make it alive after this semester. Enough of my whining. New project, celebrity portraits. I'm trying to think back....nope, I haven't done this kind of stuff since I started art school. But it IS something I'm excited about and it's making me enjoy the process of making art.

I kind of don't want to say who it is but I know some just really have no clue even if it hit them in the face. Celia Cruz. As far as Salsa goes, she's Queen. Interestingly enough, I have another queen in the making so stay tuned. I wanted to draw her because she is such an extraordinary life force, even if she is physically no longer with us. I had her greatest hits on loop in my playlist and there was never a dull moment throughout this process. Annd...I've probably watched her performance of "'Quimbara' live in Africa" on youtube about 50 times within the last 2 days...
Anyway, here are studies, thumbnails, sketches and finally a color sketch. I'll update soon with the finish.

EDIT: At first I thought of this as a digital piece but after working on it I thought the old fashioned way worked best.

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