Sunday, March 1, 2009


My idea was to make an image portraying the Zapatistas in a less militaristic way, as their general message is just that. They're just people who want peace and equality. Enough with my soon-to-be- ranting... So for the APW gallery I am entering in I decided to make a short series of Zapatista images in this peacful setting. All work was to be on a scale of 12x12. APW WEBSITE I went with a Zapatista woman extending her hand out to "the viewer" to help them up. I think I was so concerned with people getting the literal point of view that I forced my colors. Went with the blue with clouds, that way people know its the sky and I the dress was orange because it went well with the blue. But honestly, I wasn't feeling it. This is my rough color sketch, right on top of my first sketch.
I did another sketch, the show of the palm made it look more peaceful and more of the feeling of entering the viewer's space, I thought. The body was looking a little too manly so changed that as well, but I liked the idea of the hands looking strong and not delicate.
Once I started painting on my panel, I really wasn't into the colors and thought purple was the route to go.
That didn't work out so I thought maybe if I added some detail to the dress that it would make it look better. It didn't.
I went back to orange thinking it didnt look that bad. I liked the idea of the sun's rays touching the palm but it all wasnt going in the direction I wanted it to. I really wanted to simplify it--and it wasn't easy.

It then hit me that maybe it didn't matter if people couldn't get it right away or maybe I was being too hard on myself. So I went with my gut and used the colors I really wanted to use and ironically enough, the former background actually helped with the new background. I wanted to play around with the sun lines but I had a deadline. As for the other pieces, once classes started, my inspiration was long gone working on other projects. That's not to say that once I get a break from school projects that I won't be working on more pieces like these. :)

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