Friday, January 23, 2009


As promised, I have "finished" my first oil painting since 3 or 4 years! This one was originally for an oil painting class--everyone had to do a portrait of someone. We were strongly encouraged to stay true and devoted to our photo references. I'll walk you through...
The sketch. I pretty much knew where I wanted to go with it from the start. If every project were this way...*sigh*
I simplified my sketch and transferred it onto my board and started to block in colors.

Adding in some more colors to my palette. I wanted to make it a limited palette but I was working with restrictions from the professor to stay true to references--also was told to get rid of the "abstract background" (indigenous pattern, but that's a wholllllleee other story...) as it was competing with the subject. I didn't mind that one so much.
Professor also had a problem with the orange she said it was too much and to use a dark--not to happy about that one but I did what I had to do.
This is what I handed in at the end. Sadly couldn't finish it. What kept my spirits up was that I had the break to finish it and make the changes I wanted to make. Don't mind my headphones at the bottom... :/
Worked on it for over a day and voila! I added my orange, worked on the fingers, incorporated some oranges in the "hair" and face and a little sparkle in the Quetzal's eye. I'm satisfied with the way it turned out. It did take a while to finish and sometimes wished I could take some more liberties with it-- but it was good to do something different from the way I usually work. I like the concept a lot and I might revisit it and take another stab at it in a different style. Pray for me to have time to do so!


Christian Castro said...

Isn't it fun doing what a professor wants and then completely changing it as soon as you get a chance? : )
Good job on the painting. Looks even better than what you handed in. Now we have yet another semester to start the process all over again

Alex Ariza said...

whats with you and orange!?

I'll be straight up, I was huge fan of the takes away the mystery and introduces a bad 70's wallpaper color.

I'm glad you went back on your own time and did what you felt had to be done though, lets use that energy of yours to make some kick ass work this semester huh!? CAN YOU DO IT!?

Charles George Esperanza said...

I think the orange makes it pop more and kills the "frank frazetta cliche" element. Also I am a fan of COLOR! I'd like to see a full body portrait of Quetzal.

yuquan said...

Wow i'm amazed Nat! it looks great. i wish i did oils last semester. and i usually prefer pictures to be a bit warmer than cooler. it gives life to it. ROCK ON!. i can't wait to see what your doing this semester