Thursday, January 22, 2009


Right now I'm repainting a project assigned last semester. My break cannot end until I feel I am satisfied/finished with it. I will post it up once I finish it this weekend-- if not tomorrow. Anyway, speaking of stuff I did last semester, the one you see above was done within an hour or two for a school newspaper (W27) article. Something about which red lipstick to choose for the winter...the editor apparently asked for a lady with red lipstick which kind of didn't make sense as the newspaper is printed in black/white only...hmm. Although I had a bunch of projects to finish and finals to study for, I happily worked on this as a favor for my friend Charlitos, president of the Illustration Club. :) It was good to procrastinate and not have to worry about end of semester stress for a good hour or two.
Anyway, it's back to work for me!


Charles George Esperanza said...

I still love this Illustration and she deff has your eyes.

Alex Ariza said...

lol I didn't notice this chick's face was so rough with texture...

'cause you know a woman's skin is pretty rough, especially on the face.