Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Alum Art Show @ St. Andrew's + Workshop

I travelled down to Middletown, Delaware over the weekend to a show I was a part of at my former boarding High School.  It was great to see my former classmates and older fellow alums connect in this kind of setting and cause.  The campus is even more breathtaking than I remembered and I truly miss working in the wonderful space that is the O'Brien Arts Center.

I submitted 3 of my pieces, all connected by medium: linocut.  I recently converted a digital piece to a linocut.  It was such a pain to reprint so many times and still not be completely happy with it but at some point the deadline catches up and you have to let go.  Overall I am excited to see all three pieces together.

The workshop portion of the weekend was my highlight.  It was great interacting with the students and teaching them how to linocut.  In the beginning they were very precious and particular about their drawings but once I forced them to stop drawing and jump into the printing-- that's when the magic really began.  You can tell each of them have a unique style and eye for it so it was refreshing to see their different takes using one medium.  Some blood was shed in the classroom (newbies using knives--despite me telling them to move their non-working hand away from the knife)--but it's all part of the struggle of printmaking.  At least that sounds more interesting!  I think I may have a new interest in this teaching thing.  We'll see where this goes...

A special thanks to John McGiff and Bernadette Devine for inviting me!

more photos from St. Andrew's Gallery:

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Juan Sebastian said...

excellent work, you are very original!!! Congratulations