Friday, January 29, 2010


This past month has been quite revealing for me in many ways-- personally and artistically.  Aside from having to deal with external influences...I've found this battle with myself and my own expectations.  Sometimes, after a while, you kind of forget why your expectations are what they are.  I think when that happens it's time to stop a moment and re-evaluate why you chose those expectations.  Are they really because that's what you want to do?  Or is it because all of a sudden you find yourself having to fit that role and succeed?  Maybe the intent was there but it just went in a direction you didn't want it to go?  Tons of possibilities and situations.  In the end... this is the position I'm finding myself in.  In a way it feels like going a step back but I know that it'll be a huge step forward--in the right direction.

That said, in my sketchbook lately, I've been having this urge to make patterns....drawing things over and over again.  It sounds boring, but I found myself having fun with it and really getting interested in this other way of making art.  I think I like it because it can make a message so clear...because it's so redundant.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll snap out of this slumber of pattern frenzy don't worry about me TOO much.


Christian Castro said...

You'd be surprised how often textile design and illustration overlap. I realized this last summer when I applied for an illustration internship at a textile company (which I didnt get.) What seems like a unproductive pass-time now can probably be a useful exercise in the future.

Anonymous said...

i've been doing something similar myself only its more border decoration than patterns. i agree, theres something about drawing things repetitively that makes it really enjoyable. good job Nathalie!!