Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yes, yes-- you read correctly. The honeybees are disappearing at an alarming rate. They are responsible for 85% of pollination and one third of fruit supply. It is unclear why they are disappearing. Some have pointed fingers at invasive species, other animals killing them, global warming, parasites, pesticides and habitat destruction (basically us). Some ways in which people are trying to help solve the problem is by improving nutritional resources and commercial beekeeping as well as planting plants that attract honeybees.

Imagine a world without honey in your tea...honey glazed anything...!

Anyway, this was for our "Illustrator's Workshop" class. I'm still working it out because the "missing piece" to this image is a puzzle outline to be layed on top (the idea is that this whole thing is a puzzle and we are starting to miss pieces). It's a work in progress but I'm pretty happy with what I've got so far.


Alex Ariza said...

wow talk about being lazy,
giving the same exact assignment
from last year
the year before that
and god knows how much longer.

sonya status.

as for the work its a good take i guess
probably been done already since the assignment
repeats apparently.

surprise us nat! your the type to have tricks up your filthy sleeves...yea ive seen you rub your snotty nose on those sleeves, dont try to hide it, its on you tube.

Otto said...

I really, really like this.

castreett said...

I love the honey bees! It reminds me of the Zee Avi song.