Saturday, August 29, 2009


Still trying to save some bucks and make things extra special I once again have made my own gift. This was for my 4th year anniversary with my bf (+ homemade chocolate, chocolate chip cupcakes with ganache frosting). I could sit here and explain to you the meaning of this thing but then it wouldn't be as special anymore. So I'll just let you have the fun of trying to figure it out and enjoy looking at it.

It's acrylic paint on wood, it was a relatively smooth sailing project for me. I sketched out the faces and played around with shapes and what would go in the middle. Worked on a couple of color comps. Then scanned my final drawing on tracing paper, printed and mounted it onto the board. I bought some good smaller brushes, which made all the difference for smaller projects like these, when I want to use thick and thin lines.


Charles George Esperanza said...

this is adorable and I love the cartoon style you drew yourself in. also the colors kick ass

inmexico said...

nathalie! i just found your blog in interweb space via facebook. i love it! your work is really great.

i'm headed towrads some kind of artistic/design field too, i think. i am majoring in architecture design which is more computer based rather than hand work nowadays leading to my mild obsession with photoshop.

anyway, i just wanted to say hi and hope you are doing well.

- jean li

Christian Castro said...

This looks pretty well done. You're good at capturing people's likenesses with your shape-tastic style. I'm sure he liked the present