Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm calling this a study for now because unlike many of the stuff I do, I didn't sketch any ideas out on separate pieces of paper, I didn't work out a color comp nor did I entirely know what to expect when doing this altogether. I just wanted to paint. I wanted to paint something interesting and I wanted to do it my way without any rules or restrictions. I didn't really record my process for this one. Maybe because it went by pretty smoothly and quickly. I did have some hesitations with the background but in the end I decided to leave it as is. One thing I am currently thinking about is his left shoulder. I purposely didn't paint it because I liked the shape he was creating on the canvas. I might make a dark outline of what is "missing" but then again...I may not. I'm just glad I got this out of my system and am in the swing of creating new stuff.

I have tons of pending projects right now and my frustration right now is, "Where do I start?" Pray for me.


Alex Ariza said...

looks great scaled down. the lighting is pretty. more studies!

and now that i see you doing shit with your abundance of time, i should do the same ha.

keep it up lady! show your bf too
he'll probably like it

Christian Castro said...

looks pretty awesome hermanita.
You should do more paintings with that thick dark outline around the figure, it works well. I know its just a quick study but you should put some more detail on whatever it is he's eating. I can't tell what it is at all. But u def. got his likeness down. Keep it up.

Charles George Esperanza said...

My new Fav Nathalie Gonzalez piece. I deff wanna see more stuff done using the same process! I really was suprised when I saw this on your blog you have been steppin it up