Sunday, May 24, 2009


Summer break is finally here! It really couldn't come at a better time-- remind me next time not to take 21 credits in a semester... Anyway, every now and then, when I realize that I've been watching TV too long (I don't get to watch TV during the semester) I'll pick up my pencil and sketch. After a crazy semester, I can't help but want a short break from things I've been doing all semester but finally, I've felt the urge to draw--which is a good sign.

Above, we got mom watching some TV novelas with me. Below, a study of my bro.

The cut outs are from a class but drawn recently--within the last couple of weeks. It's a direction I want to go in right now-- we'll see where it ends up.

Another sketch. Inspiration from the Tayrona, indigenous culture in Colombia. I'll work more on this one so keep an eye out.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!


Otto Chin said...

Is that a heart at the end of your signature?

Nathalie Gonzalez said...

Yes and it also serves as a "V", for my mother's maiden name.